Apostle Dr. Steven Davis is the Presides Apostle over The Cyrus International Network of Churches and Ministries, Inc. He also is the President and CEO of Greater Works Evangelism Church, Inc., and JAH Financial Consultants, Inc. Prophetess Valerie Davis is the President of New Horizons Community Development Corporation and The Balm of Gilead Women's Ministry, Inc.

In 1997 Apostle John Eckhardt ordained them as Apostle and Prophetess and sent them to plant Greater Works Evangelism Church, Inc. in Chicago Illinois now located at 6845 S. Western Ave, Chicago IL, 60639.

Apostle Dr. Davis holds a Doctor of Business Administration in Financial Management a Doctor of Theology in Biblical Counseling, a Masters of Arts degree in Education, and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Business Administration.  He is also an Asset Management Specialist: providing Life Insurance, Annuities, IRAs, and Estate Planning, he is a Foreclosure Recovery Specialist, Notary Public and a National Sighing Agent. Prophetess Davis holds a BA in Organizational Management and a MA in Forensic Psychology and together they provide Christian marriage and family counseling.

Together their ministry has reached Africa, The United Kingdom, The Caribbean Islands, Canada, Jamaica, The Grand Cayman Island, Dominican Republic, Curacao Island, Grand Turks Island, Aruba, The Bahamas and Mexico. Together the flow strongly in the prophetic ministry, praise and worship, healing, deliverance, intercessory prayer, spiritual warfare, financial economic empowerment and apostolic impartation. As Conference Host they seek to bring to the city of Chicago and other locations excellent ministry leaders from around the world to birth change in those regions. Please join us at one of our events where you will experience the tangible anointing God and your life will never be the same.

                                                                      Our Foundational Values

                   “Were Relationships are Revitalized, People Empowered and Every Soul has a Purpose”
                                                                       Revitalizing relationships
                                                                Empowering people to lead and
                                                             Reaching souls to reach the world.

Relationship Development:
​Families-Marriages · Children · Youth · Men’s · Women’s · Singles · and Seniors Ministries
We value relationship development of the family structure as the bases of building healthy functional families. Therefore we will seek to minister to every individual totally: spiritually (spirit), emotionally (soul), mentally (mind) and physically (body), pursuing the necessary ministry methods that will revitalize the development of healthy relationships within the family unit.  

Leadership Development:
Equipping · Education · Mentoring · Team Ministry · Administration · Management
We value the development of character, calling, and effective leaders that walk in excellence integrity and authority. Therefore we pursue effective methods of identifying, establishing, educating, equipping, training, activating and releasing emerging leadership socially and ministerial.  

Diversity Development:

Ethnic Diversity · Multi-Generational · Multi-Cultural · Multi-Gender
We value the intentional development of diversity, human harmony, and unity among all people. Therefore we will strive for sovereign methods of encouraging diverse people groups to fellowship in solidarity, service and strength displaying balanced and blended relationships in the earth.

Prophetic Development:
Prophetic Teams · Intercessory Prayer · Prophetic Praise and worship · Arts and Drama
We value the development of the prophetic anointing as the principal way for God to release the seat of His passion and purpose of His will to His people. Therefore we pursue the accurate and timely release of the prophetic anointing in all aspects of relationships and communication between God and His people.        

Kingdom Development:
Apostolic teaching/preaching ● Apostolic dominion & distribution · Market place Evangelism
· Global Outreach · Community Development · Multi-Media   
We value the development of Kingdom dominion on earth as a principle of empowerment that transforms individuals, families, churches, business, communities, cities, regions and nations. Therefore we will pursue kingdom strategies that rebuilds communities and empowers people through debt elimination, financial freedom and community economic development. 

To contact them please write to:

Greater Works Church, Post Office Box 5586, Chicago IL, 60680.
Office: 708-333-6209, Fax: 708-333-8914,
Email: Apostle Dr. Steven Davis, sdapostle@email.com, or stevenddavis@outlook.com
Email: Prophetess Valerie Davis Victoryval@hotmail.com
also please visit our other business websites: